Three people dead after Russian military plane crashes and catches fire

Three people have died and six more were left injured in the early hours of Friday morning (June 24) after a Russian military transport plane set on fire and was forced to make an emergency landing in a field

A military cargo plane has crashed in Russia, killing three people and injuring six

Three people are reported to have died and six injured after a military plane caught fire and crashed in western Russia.

Fatalities were reported on Friday (June 24) morning shortly after the IL-76 transport aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in a field near the city of Ryazan.

Nine people in total were on board the plane at the time of the accident, according to the Moscow-based Interfax news agency.

Footage posted on social media shows a line of fire engines and one ambulance positioned in front of large flames.

The blaze can be seen billowing dark black smoke in front of a row of trees, while a small crowd of people are stood watching in front of the camera.

Footage from the scene in Ryazan shows a small crowd forming as emergency services tend to blazing wreckage

One local report said the plane was attempting to land at the nearby Ryazan airport when it crashed, while another source said it had stopped for refuelling while en route from Belgorod to Orenburg.

The city is located around 351 miles from the border with Ukraine and 113 miles from the Russian capital of Moscow.

Earlier this week dramatic footage from the frontline showed the moment a Russian colonel crashed in his helicopter in a ‘fireball’ after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.

One local report says the plane was stopping to refuel when the accident happened

The military helicopter carrying Lt-Col Sergey Gundorov was struck by a portable surface-to-air missile near Volnovakha in the Donbas.

Vladimir Putin lost his 55th colonel in the Russia-Ukraine war as the stricken Mi-35 touched the ground before cartwheeling over a narrow strip of woodland, becoming a fireball and crashing in a field.

Flames and black smoke were seen emanating from the explosion as a second Russian helicopter fired decoy flares and apparently escaped unscathed.

Russia’s overall losses in the war are believed to be in excess of 30,000, with some estimates of nearer to 50,000. These figures include at least 11 generals.

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