Unidentified Creature Captured on Gamecam in Kentucky

Lance B. states

I’m NO outdoorsman/wilderness person, so forgive me,…but I had a freind send me a weird picture from a trail cam,..Can you please prove me your thoughts???? My freind has no idea,..what is this???

Photo dated 07-03-22 at 9:30PM Source: Public Group post on Facebook page (BDIL)

RMSO asked

Lance Hello, where or what state was this gamecamera image captured?

Lance responds

It is in Adair County, Columbia, KY, in the Flatwoods area.


Own over 20 trail cams that I keep in the field year around in several states.. The texture, muscles and IR color of the suspect reminds me of a mountain lion. However this thing does not have a mountain lion tail and the ear does not look like a lion, unless it lost half of it in a fight.

Interesting.. If you all figure out what it is or obtain any more evidence please share it with us.

Source : https://rmsobigfoot.blogspot.com/2022/07/unidentified-creature-captured-on.html?

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