Scary ‘Jaws-like’ 450kg great white shark ‘Ironbound’ tracked prowling US coast

A massive 450kg great white shark has been tracked approaching the New England coastline drawing parallels with the terrifying 1975 film Jaws in which a shark embarks on a feeding frenzy in the same area


A staggeringly large great white shark nicknamed ‘Ironbound’ has been tracked heading towards the North American coastline sending shivers down the spines of holidaymakers.

The enormous monster weighs in at 450kg and was tagged by shark researchers Ocearch meaning they are able to track its movements as it glides through the depths.

And according to the latest available data, the toothy killer is a little too close to the mainland for many people’s liking.

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The last time Ironbound’s tag pinged was on July 2 2022 when the shark was swimming towards the Gulf of Maine below Nova Scotia.


This means it could well have made landfall along the coast of Long Island by now.

The close proximity of the frankly evil-looking shark to North America’s holiday coast draws comparisons to the 1975 horror film Jaws, which famously saw a rogue great white shark embark on a feeding frenzy along a New England beach town.


Thankfully though, due to the immense size of ‘Ironbound’, researchers have wisely kept a constant watch on his movements.

On April 28 he was tracked heading north in an attempt to get to more plentiful feeding grounds, possibly as far as Canada.

Bob Hueter, chief scientist, Ocearch, told CNN at the time: “Mating season is over, we think, and Ironbound is on his way north to get into some good feeding ground and bulk up again for the next year.”


Ironbound has travelled an estimated 13,000 miles since he was first tagged on his dorsal fin and amazingly isn’t considered that large by the standards of some big fish.

Hueter told CNN that Ocearch has tagged great white sharks as long as 17.5 feet (5 m) and as heavy as 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg), meaning Ironbound is of relatively modest size.

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