‘Bigfoot tracks’ found in snow after something ‘very unhuman’ attacked house

A man found some possible Bigfoot tracks after something “very unhuman” attacked his house by throwing rocks at it.

Sharing his story to Facebook page Bigfoot Believers, Ryan Edward explained that he was smoking a cigarette at 2.30am when he heard “loud noises” coming from a house next door which had recently burned down.

He then heard “rocks or something” landing where he was standing and rushed inside as he was “so freaked out”.

Exiting out of another door to finish his smoke, he then heard a “louder” thud.

Ryan explained: “I immediately went upstairs to talk to my fiancé Christine to tell her what I experienced and she said she just heard the loudest unusually scream or howl she has ever heard in her life [sic].

The footprints outside of Ryan's home appeared abnormally large

“This is when I knew I wasn’t crazy and something very unhuman must have just been in the woods throwing things at me.

“We went out the next day and investigated and what we saw was unlike anything we’ve seen in our flower gardens.

“This includes clear trampling, a boulder that put a dent in the house and in the woods next door sticks and logs over the fence and in unusual patterns [sic].”

The tracks were also quite some distance apart

Ryan shared images of what he found, showing unusually large footprints in the snow which were positioned much too far apart to have been made by a human.

Another picture showed large trees which appeared to have been ripped down.

He added: “Let’s just say I’ve never experienced loud noises in the woods before like that. It was not natural.”

Ryan also visited the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website, where people can log potential Sasquatch sightings. He found that there had been another Bigfoot report just five miles from his home some years ago.

Another picture showed large trees which appeared to have been ripped down

Reacting in the comments section of Ryan’s post, one Bigfoot believer wrote: “Damn that’s a big stride.”

Another joked: “Time to move.”

While a third said: “I shouldn’t be reading this while outside smoking at 1.30am!!!!”

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