Hiker finds possible ‘Bigfoot tracks’ measuring 17in long and one foot wide

A man has found what he reckons are Bigfoot tracks in the woods, with one measuring a staggering 17inches long and one foot wide.

Jospeh Kenneth Savelli shared photos of the eerie footprints to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) Facebook page.

A keen hiker from Montrose, Pennsylvaniam, US, Joseph explained that he found tracks of varying sizes in an area of woodland he’s very familiar with.

The different sized prints – if real – could suggest the area is home to a family of Sasquatches.

He wrote: “Been in this area hiking for three years and finding a lot of large and small foot prints in the mud.

Joseph said this footprint was about 13in long

“Largest one I found was 17 inches long and about a foot wide. The one in the picture measured around 13 inches.”

The first snap he shared – of the 13in footprint – shows what appear to be toe marks and a clear heel indent defined in the mud.

Joseph later shared a second image of what looks to be a bigger footprint, possibly the whopping 17-incher he mentioned.

The second print is even more clearly defined in the mud, looking to be at least one or two inches deep.

The second footprint appears to be deeper and wider than the first

Again, the foot shape is very visible.

Both prints have filled up with rain water, highlighting just how far down they go and just how heavy whatever made them must have been.

This comes after another man found possible Bigfoot tracks after something “very unhuman” attacked his house.

Sharing his story to Facebook page Bigfoot Believers, Ryan Edward explained that he was smoking a cigarette at 2.30am when he heard “rocks or something” landing where he was standing and rushed inside as he was “so freaked out”.

Joseph's find was just the latest in a spate of reported potential Bigfoot activity (stock)

Ryan explained: “I immediately went upstairs to talk to my fiancé Christine to tell her what I experienced and she said she just heard the loudest unusually scream or howl she has ever heard in her life [sic].

“We went out the next day and investigated and what we saw was unlike anything we’ve seen in our flower gardens.”

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