Bloody theme park horror as ride snapped smashing two thrill-seekers to death

Seats on board a theme park ride were left splattered with blood after two riders were tragically killed and all other 29 thrill-seekers injured after it snapped in mid-air.

A pair of thrill-seekers were killed in a horror theme park disaster caught on camera.

Dramatic footage filmed by someone watching the pendulum ride in action, shows the exact moment it snaps in half mid-swing and thrusts passengers into its frame.

Today, July 15 marks three years since two people in India, lost their lives after a devastating mechanical fault which injured almost all of the other 29 on board.

A total 27 of those casualties were rushed to hospital for treatment to their wounds.

The mood of onlookers in the video switches within a flash from enjoying a fun day out at Kankaria Lake’s Balvatika Amusement Park in Ahmedabad, to panic and disbelief.

Theme park ride

The ride, known as ‘Discovery’ operates as a massive swing with guests seated on a circular structure facing outwards as they are lifted all the way up to a 180 degree arc.

While moving at a pace of 10 metres per second which works out as 22mph, a load-bearing cable snapped which ripped a pipe from the main shaft and fatally sent the riders crashing into the support beams.

After the initial blow against the upright, the riders were then thrust out of control onto the concrete below.

One person was even launched from their over-the-shoulder restraint and seatbelt which in turn trapped others from breaking free once Discovery was at a standstill.

Disturbing images appeared to show blood on the seats after people were pulled from the wreckage.

Theme park

Vijay Nehra, an Ahmedabad official confirmed at the time that a police investigation was underway.

Just a week before the incident in July 2019, an inspection report from park owners, Superstar Amusement noted: “nut bolt replace.”

Zamperla, another ride manufacturer in India offered industry context when commenting on the tragedy: “India has a long standing problem which allows the use of inferior, unauthorized copies of rides made by either local companies or rides sourced from other countries, often with fatal results.

“Counterfeit copies may be less expensive, however such products are a risk to the public as there are no similar levels of safety built into their design, fabrication and testing.”

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