Woman does a poo during violent Primark brawl as shoppers watch in horror

Shocking footage going viral on social media shows the moment a woman defecated during a fight inside the world’s biggest Primark in Birmingham.

The clip, which was posted to Twitter by @heluvara, was originally shared on Snapchat of the two women brawling in front of horrified shoppers.

One woman can be seen tackling the other to the floor as the camera pans around the pair as they exchanged blows on Friday, July 9.

By the end of the clip, which has received more than 200 retweets and 1,900 likes, one of the women, who appeared to be wearing no underwear, had a poo during the fight.

Primark brawl

Twitter users reacted to the footage, with one saying: “Naaah you’ve gotta move country after that.”

Another added: “Help she’s sh*tting.”

“I wanna know what the beef is.”

A third said: “I’ll never walk in Primark the same again.”

It is not clear what caused the incident but West Midlands Police have claimed they didn’t receive a report, the Sun reports.

However, a Primark spokesperson said: “We are aware of an incident that took place between two customers in our store on Friday.

“The incident was dealt with swiftly by store management and store security.”

primark brawl


The news comes after Primark shoppers watched in horror as a two-week-old baby tumbled down the escalators.

The fast-fashion high street retailer confirmed that the incident took place at its store in Romford last month.

No details on how it happened or an update on the condition of the baby were given, and neither the Metropolitan Police nor the London ambulance Service had any details of the incident when questioned by the Daily Star.

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