Bigfoot Researcher Goes missing after recording REAL Sasquatch Footage. With Todd Standing

January 2012 an 11-minute video was posted by bigfoot explorers with the title “Bigfoot Researcher Goes missing after recording REAL Sasquatch Footage”

searched and bookmarked places

including local police to assist in the search

from so many years! The bigfoot search team made a reality show to prove that bigfoot – a mythical creature, exists in the United States.

Almost bigfoot has an ability to “stealth” and dodge, jam the video and images from the camera, and many harmful jokes come from you.

But what this bigfoot group asserts is that Bigfoot really exists, and the prize is up to millions of usa, the reward for the searcher..But until today, no clear evidence has been found,,
What is everyone’s opinion on Todd Standings research and footage?

Update: it’s interesting to see that all very blurry pictures are without doubt a Bigfoot but if it’s clear we automatically deem it a hoax. We need to get off of that mindset because sooner or later there will be clear pictures and we may never resolve their exsistance with this way of thinking.

Exciting video is waiting for you below !

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