Giant Grizzly Culled in North Utah (Utah Record Largest Grizzly Bear)

Believed to be largest Grizzly ever recorded in Utah. Old Ephraim was wanted by ranchers around the Logan area  claiming the monstrous grizzly bear was killing their cattle according to records killed 15 sheep in a single night.

Below is Old Ephraim’s monument same height as he was at 9 FT 11 IN.  Kelly standing next to monument at 5’7″  is dwarfed in size by the height of this giant bear

Frank Clark from Malad, Idaho tracked, trapped & then killed Old Ephraim wanted by many ranchers for killing & harassing their live stock.

Many say there isn’t enough food resources in the forests of North America to support a species of primate as large as Bigfoot. Seemed to be enough resources for a nearly 10 feet tall Grizzly Bear.

Old Ephraim’s Grave sits in the middle of a Sasquatch sighting hot-spot & we have stumbled upon his remote grave twice over the last 8 years tracking down Bigfoot sighting locations in the Mountains near Logan

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