Is this a Bigfoot hunting a Deer? Shocking Sasquatch video

Is this a Bigfoot hunting a Deer? Shocking Sasquatch video

Todd, do you have a theory on how the sasquatch might look after the bodies of those sasquatch that have passed on? Do you think they bury them or something like that? For sure they have characteristics that are similar to ours, and I’m sure they’re smart enough they honor their dead in someway like we do. I’m just curious if you’ve ever thought about this?

What an incredible experience you had! So glad that BF saved you, it sounds like you were on your way out for good. It’s a shame that they don’t know their own strength and hit you so hard that you flew into a branch and almost died. I’d love to know what kind of sap that was they used to heal your leg and take away the pain too. BTW I enjoy it when you show tracks of animals and what they are, most of us don’t get to see that kind of thing too often and it helps to see the difference in animal tracks vs BF.

I think perhaps the Sasquatch could have felt somewhat responsible for you being injured.I think that might be a factor. That and yes, the Sasquatch you deal with are good natured and see you as a friendly person, or as a non-threat. Possibly all above. That was a awesome experience you had where a Sasquatch helped you. Thank you for sharing your one of many experiences with the world of YouTube. These are truly great species of the woods.

After hearing your story, along with others over the years, I know some are good, also some are very moody or dark even evil of soul. Like humans or other predatory animals, we find different personalities. Usually based upon their experiences with in their environments. Normally a farm / ranch raised teenager is better squared away emotionally than say a inner city street kid whos been struggling for survival since early years. Those who have been contacted by humans with out conflict or violence would tend to be more curious, protective, helpful even. Others who have experiences / contact that is violent, shot at, or other conflicting experiences would tend to make them more moody, threatening, or even violent. Stories of violence tend to be territorial behavior. Some will hunt and kill humans just a fact for what ever reason that one chose to do so. There are some where hunter was ripped out of his tree stand, being dragged away and the female of the troop saved him and got him home. so I think that behavior is neither always good nor bad, but just a result of experiences the alphas or minors have had lead to future issues and contact with us. Always be cautions, be wise, and listen to them, they send messages, they tell you when its time to move on, to leave. sounds like the farther East you get in the states the more dangerous they tend to be. just some thoughts.

I have a feeling Sasquatch variant personalities match human’s. Just like us, some are shy and retiring, others angry and aggressive. And even some that are psychotic and murderous.

Those are some opinions of network experts, what do you think about this video

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