The man who captured the image of Bigfoot walking in the woods in Ohio (USA)

Two residents in the state of Ohio (USA) discovered a creature that is likely to be Bigfoot lurking among the trees while walking in the park.

Since the mid-1980s, more than 36 times visitors through Salt Fork State Park have encountered the large silhouette of the suspected Bigfoot. To promote the local tourism industry, the Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Center even organizes impressive commemorative events, attracting many visitors to participate.

The two main characters in the above story are also among those who encounter traces of Bigfoot. While walking in the park, they suddenly saw deer feathers and bones lying on the ground, as if something had ripped them off. Before they could fully recover from the pile of bodies, they jumped when they heard a bone-chilling howl echoing in the distance. The couple decided to use a drone to track down a strange, creepy cry, the camera caught a hairy strange creature.

Amazed at the scene they were witnessing, the companions immediately recorded a clip of this hairy creature and posted it on YouTube with the caption: “We saw Ohio Grassman/Bigfoot/Sasquatch at the Salt Fork State Park, a park in the state of Ohio. One of the men said: “Look, it can’t be human. Its whole body is dark gray hair.

However, the mysterious creature only appeared in the forest for a while and then disappeared from the camera. The other witness said: “Whatever the animal is, we have lost track of it, completely unable to see or hear anything. At that moment, the snow stopped falling and the sky became brighter. We still held on to the hope of catching something, even trying to go deep into the Bigfoot Ridge area to look, but still nothing. So, to this day, we still wonder if what we saw was Ohio Grassman, Bigfoot or some other animal?

Local authorities say the Salt Fork State Park on the outskirts of Cambridge is famous for being a frequent sighting of Bigfoot. This mysterious monster appeared with such frequency that there was a trail named after him, or Bigfoot Ridge today.

This is not the first time the legendary monster Bigfoot has appeared in the human eye. On January 5, 2018, a family in Canada accidentally encountered a large, hair-covered creature hiding behind the woods, just a few meters from where they rested. After being posted on the Modern Galaxy YouTube channel, the shocking clip caused a stir in the online community.

One viewer commented: “To deny or firmly assert the existence of Bigfoot is short-sighted behavior. Scientists discover new creatures every day. It’s true that you need to see it with your own eyes to have a basis for believing, but you can’t flatly deny their existence.” Another viewer commented: “This animal looks downright dangerous and aggressive. In return, I, being stared at by him like that through the window, got a heart attack and died.”

Besides, many clips of creatures similar to Bigfoot also continuously spread on the internet. Before that, American public opinion was stirred up when a video recorded a hairy animal swinging through trees on a hiking trail in California. Another clip made netizens “heartbroken” when filming the scene of “Bigfoot” hiding behind a tree and peeping at people. In October 2017, a farmer in the state of California shocked when he claimed to have seen the entire Bigfoot family carry a pig across his farm.

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