Viral Bigfoot Video May Include Best Evidence of Cryptid’s Existence Yet

Make no mistake about it, but Bigfoot is as big as it gets with cryptozoology. The fabled beast is one of the most famous monsters in all of the land alongside the likes of Mothman, the Jersey Devil, and the Loch Ness Monster.

Now, a mega-viral video is being passed around purportedly showing a sasquatch deep within the woods, exchanging gifts with an outdoorsman.

While the squatch isn’t seen unwrapping Christmas presents by any stretch of the imagination, one TikTok user shared the video of a “gifting rock” he’s been using to exchange things with the supposed creature.

He’d leave food behind, only to come back and find things in place of the food. In the video that’s gone viral, TikToker Casey Dostert happened across a rock and what appears to be a twig or tree branch that’s been braided into a crown or wreath.

The reason the video went viral? It looks like a sasquatch can be seen hiding behind a tree in the distance watching Dostert as he examines the gifts.

Dostert has since uploaded subsequent videos, showing other gifts exchanged for his food. In one of the videos, the skull of an animal can be found with another braided branch around its head. Another one of the videos shows what the content creator believes to be thee creature’s bedroom, before he’s spooked by something off-camera throwing a rock at him.

According to a 2020 analysis by, the states with the most Bigfoot sightings include heavily-wooded states in the Pacific Northwest and Appalachia. Washington and Oregon topped the list and were followed by West Virginia, Idaho, and Montana.

“Bigfoots love those forest areas, especially if there are some snow-capped mountains and fresh water sources nearby,” the site reports. “If you’re hiking and camping in the wilderness, look for the orangutan-like giant roaming along treelines of dense forests or crossing empty highways.”

It adds, “Bigfoots avoid high-density populations, so even if there are more sightings in a state, a larger population in any area might scare him away from sightseeing spots. You’ll want to check out the more desolate parts of the dense forests to see one yourself.”

On the flip side, the worst states to spot a sasquatch include Nevada, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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