Fisherman Documents Bigfoot Activity Near Washington – Canada Border

Some tracks I came across on a high mountain frozen lake.

Came down one side of the mountain crossed the lake, went up the other side of the mountain.

If you look close there a ball and and arch and toes.

RMSO responds

Hi Tim. What State did you find this trackway in?


Washington State


What part of the state or as close to the area you are comfortable divulging? We spend a lot of time in

that state searching for the creature and evidence. I am impressed with the dimensions and toes of the tracks you found.


It was up at palmer lake just out of night hawk by oroville wa 10 miles from the Canadian border I’m a hunter and I’ve never seen anything like that it had 4 feet Strides coming down the hill and kept it feet 2 feet apart on the ice and back to 4 feet going up the hill on the other side.


Did you notice, hear or see anything else unusual.


No, I was ice fishing the track looked about 3 days old

Just thought I would share these odd tracks I can’t honestly say what it could be but I do know it’s not a bear.

My dad actually had an encounter when he was 17. He and his friends were camping by a creek they dam it up to catch crawdads. That night they were all around the fire and something very tall and hairy ran right by them on 2 legs. My dad and friends ran Into their tent. And stayed there tell morning.

When they woke up they were still trying to figure out what it could have been. They all went down to the creek to see If there was any crawdads and noticed a very large foot print on top of the muddy rock dam they built. He told me this, I didn’t believe him. Now fast forward 30 years and I come across these tracks, now I’m rethinking his story.

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