The man who captured the image of Bigfoot walking in the woods in Ohio

Non-believers are always quick to point out the lack of evidence of Bigfoot’s existence as proof that Sasquatch or Bigfoot doesn’t exist.

“If Bigfoot exists, why haven’t we seen him yet?

My personal theory is that Bigfoot is similar to Santa Clause™ in Santa Claus with Tim Allen.

The place where anyone who stumbles across the remains of a Bigfoot or a Sasquatch will be magically transformed into the next Bigfoot and roam the earth in seclusion.

Alas, after seeing this 100% legit, crisp and clear footage of a humanoid Bigfoot-like figure roaming the woods in Ohio’s Salt Fork State Park.

The HD footage also showcases some creepy sounds of a character growling in the woods, another point of contention for protesters. They claim if Bigfoot is real then why don’t we hear about him or her often?

I’m sure the world would claim this is not 100% indisputable proof that Bigfoot exists but I think it’s wrong. So we can agree to disagree on that. It was definitely not a hunter walking around in fur. No chance.

Everyone in the YouTube comments shared what to believe. Some people cannot accept evidence as clear as day in front of them. They must still be skeptics when there is overwhelming evidence of Bigfoot’s existence.

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